Master Shawn Liskey


Master Shawn Liskey

  • Subject Safety Course Creator. Approved For Pa con-ed for Cops, Firefighters, Medical Staff. Sole Proprietor
  • Excel E-town Athlete Summer Sports Camp Director 2017
  • Certified to 7th degree Black Belt Master 2015
  • Certified as a Tactical Master Instructor through CDT Non Deadly Force
  • Active Shooter/ Tactical Instructor- 2002
  • Alice Active Shooter certified 2016
  • Family Protection- 2002
  • Air Rage Instructor- 2002
  • W.A.V.E. (Woman Against Violent Encounters) Self Defense owner/Instructor
  • Certified Iron Palm Practitioner  by Brian Gray
  • 9 year undefeated fight career
  • 1993 European Kickboxing Champion
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Professional, Career Firefighter
  • Sports Trainer/ Personal Trainer, certified 2003 through, National Endurance Sports Training Association

There were two dreams that Shawn had as a child, the first being a great martial artist and have his own school, The second was to be a fireman and save lives.

Shawn R. Liskey was born May 5, 1973. Growing up in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania, Shawn became interested with the martial arts when Roger Engle (Step Father) asked Shawn to watch him at full contact Kickboxing training class. From that day, Shawn knew he wanted to follow Roger Engle?s foot steps into the martial arts world. Shawn R. Liskey has been dedicated to the martial arts for more than 20 years and during that time never became inactive. Prior to the age of 9, Shawn was competing at least once a month at local and North East tournaments and achieved over 100 trophies before the age of 13. Shawn achieved the level of Black Belt at the age of 12.

1990 became a transitional year for Shawn as Roger Engle was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Shawn took leadership of the school and assumed command as the lead instructor for Engle Karate School at the age of 16, For several months, until Roger Engle was healthy enough to return to class. During this maturing period Shawn realize not only his love for being a practitioner, but also his passion for sharing his knowledge with others. The most important attribute Shawn aquired from Roger Engle, was to lead by example and be a positive role model.

When Shawn reached his 16th birthday, he went down to the Elizabethtown Fire Department and joined as a junior firefighter. Shawn knew that he wanted to continue this endeavor so after high school Shawn decided to join the military as a firefighter. Shawn graduated from Elizabethtown High School in 1991 and joined the United States Airforce as a Fire fighter and fulfilled most of his tour in England. Shawn competed in a few local karate tournaments and was spotted by a martial arts scout, Alvin Mighty. Shawn began contact fighting and forms competition for Alvin and worked for his bouncing and personal protection agency known as Ricotche. Shawn continued competing against top martial artist from around the world and went on to winning the 1993 European national Championships. Shawn instructed martial arts on the military installation.