Aug 28

Lil Dragons 4-5 years old program

To register,  call (717) 490-0360

Benefits of Lil’ Dragons Program with Ms. Deb and Ms. Kayla,

  • Fun Learning Atmosphere: This is a fun martial arts class detailed to keep your child fulfilled with the desire to come again
  • Coordination: Exercises and games were created to advance your child and separate them from other children at this age. Learning the names of muscles and multi – tasking their bodies and extremities
  • Confidence: While attending class, Praise and awards will have your child trying harder as they build confidence with the physical and mental training we will provide.
  • Discipline & Responsibility: Students will learn basic responsibilities at karate and small homework assignments. Ideas such as cleaning up toys and asking Mommy and Daddy if they may help with a chore.
  • Week 6 of each schedule, Lil Dragons will celebrate with a ceremony and get to have the spotlight and stand on the podium to receive certificate of accomplishments.