Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in Fighting Dragons Martial Arts &  Fitness Center

Below is important information for all members.

You can print out the registration and liability form  and bring it with you to your first class or fill out  copies at our welcome center.

, there are no contracts or initiation fees.

Guidelines to follow once you become a member…

Sign up for family email list on right side of home page to receive all information. This is our primary means of information!

We follow E-town school district’s closings and delays for inclimate weather. If School is closed… so are we. If school dismiss’s early, we are closed. If bad weather arrives when School is not in session, Fighting Dragons will attempt to send mass email and website post as soon as possible.

Parent spectators are not permitted to  engage with children verbally or physically enter that training floor during class.

No jewelry on training floor

No martial arts classes during evenings of belt tests. Students that are not testing are encouraged to spectate but not mandatory

No chewing gum, candy, or beverages are permitted on floor

No touching mirrors

No climbing poles or heavy bag bases

boxing ring is off limit unless the instructor in charge grants permission.

Parents must come inside building to pick up children at the end of class

Family members may use our workout room during class. Please return all equipment to where it belongs.

No one under the age of 18 years of age are permitted to use gym equipment

No charge for use of gym equipment, however you must sign a release waiver prior to use.