Thank you for your interest in Fighting Dragons Martial Arts & Fitness Center

Meet the Master :

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Assistant Instructors include :

Deborah Slider – 3rd Degree Black Belt (Combat Fitness, Karate, MMA)

Joe De Poto – 3rd Degree Black Belt (Karate)

Vickie Kern – 2nd Degree Black Belt (Karate)

Matt Spiker – 2nd Degree Black Belt (Karate)

Ray Landon – 2nd Degree Black Belt (Karate)

Kayla Firestone – 1st Degree Black Belt (Lil Dragons), Insanity fitness instructor

Courtney Lesnik-  Zumba fitness instructor, Pound fitness instructor




 Martial Arts


Tactical street Fighting, Weapons Disarming,


Woman Against Violent Encounters Seminars

Fitness Classes


Seminars and Performances at your facility


Birthday Parties


Personal Martial Arts Training


Personal Training





Corporate Fitness Training

Reduce business insurance costs

Proven increase in work productivity

Raise moral

Reduce injury